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    ‘Infuriated’ Tom Cruise & foremost At Odds Over ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ – Here’s What’s Happening

    ‘Infuriated’ Tom Cruise & Paramount At Odds Over ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ – Here’s What’s Happening

    A new report has emerged suggesting that Tom Cruise and Paramount are at odds over the release schedule for Mission: Impossible 7.
    The new report suggests he’s “infuriated.”
    According to THR, “infuriated” Tom acquired the sevices of a lawyer when he found out that “Mission: Impossible 7 would have a 45-day theatrical window – far shorter than his usual three-month run – before streaming on Paramount+.”
    “For [Cruise], 45 days is like going day-and-date,” a Paramount source told THR. “He also felt that setting a date when the movie could be seen on the service would discourage people from going to the theater.”
    There’s now even a rumor that former Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos is gone because of all of this drama between Tom and Paramount.
    Jim was bridging between what [Paramount’s] Shari [Redstone] and [president and CEO] Bob [Bakish] wanted and what Jim felt was the right thing to do,” a source said, adding he wanted to protect his relationship with Tom. “Part of the reason [Jim] is gone is that Shari and Bob thought they could wave a magic wand,” and get Tom to agree to a shortened window. “Tom is so committed to theatrical.”
    Mission: Impossible 7 currently has a release date of September 30, 2022. The film took over a year to film during the pandemic. He actually went viral during filming over that leaked audio of him yelling at crew members over breaking COVID restrictions.